What I lack in OS X after Linux

As Linux user who had to switch to OS X because of work, I experienced considerable discomfort while switching from Linux.

Window management


In Linux Mint Cinnamon at least, I would easily tile windows using keyboard shortcuts Super+Left, Super+Right, Super+Left, Super+Up in same workspace.

I would easily move window to another workspace again using keyboard shortcuts.

Also using Devilspie2, I could limit apps to certain workspaces.


Currently, I feel pain because I need to use trackpad and drag windows to another workspace. Although Rectangle somehow helps in tiling windows to some extent.

Another painful moment is maximize button behavior(it creates new workspace).

I constanly alt-tabbing to find my apps. No need to mention that there is no separate icon for multiple instances of same app. I use AltTab which brings Windows and Linux alt-tab behavior.

Terminal and nano

Terminal and Iterm 2 don’t support moving cursors word by word by default like in Linux using Ctrl + Right or Ctrl+Left . For that you need to go options and change settings.

nano also does not support same behaviour.

File management

You can’t add some app to recommended list for opening files. It is especially needed when you want to open some kt, js or .cpp file using Sublime Text. OS X does not allow intuitive adding unless you must use Automator or go to app’s plist , edit it and run some command to link. As workaround, I open terminal and run cat command to see contents of file.


Yes, it has Alfred or Raycast but I don’t want to buy Alfred and be locked to it. For example, Ulauncher is free and has much more plugins compared to Raycast.

Use cases

  • I can add current song in Spotify to favourites without going to app. I couldn’t find such behaviour in Raycast.
  • I can copy to clipboard various timestamp formats. Again I couldn’t find such behaviour in Raycast.
updated_at 11-02-2022