Nurgazy Nazhimidinov

Just trying new things.

🚀 My side-projects

Name Description Link Source code Status
📢 Leetcode Stats Track your Leetcode stats Link    
Daily note Ulauncher extension to take daily notes. Link Link  
Timestamp macros Ulauncher extension to copy to clipboard the most used timedate formats Link Link  
Leetcode Solved Problem Tracker Github action which tracks solved problems daily Link Link  
Leetcode Lists Stats Chrome extension which shows solved/total for Leetcode lists Link Link  
VSCode CBT extension VSCode extension for taking and CBT notes Link Link  
JSON to JAVA Tool for converting JSON to Java Map. Link Link  
Conky Breathing Breathing indicator for Conky Link Link  
Woman Dressing Advice Style advices for women Link    
Top Topics According to Github Stars Find your top topics according to your github star history Link Link  
Last Season Compare Compare team’s last season and this season Link Link  
WeekHabit Track only one habit per week, no more Link   Defunct
Website Visit Hours Chrome extension which makes visits insufferable on “not productive” websites Link Link  
PlayLiked Listen only liked songs from big playlists on Spotify Link   Defunct
Product Tracker Tool for tracking company’s product releases Link   Defunct
Janus Daily productivity heatmap Link Link  

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